Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Aboard Hotel Costa Verde’s Converted Boeing 727

The captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign and you may now walk freely around the cabin.

Tired of the same old accommodations when you hit the waters down at Costa Verde? For your next vacation, try booking with The Costa Verde Hotel’s 727 Fuselage Suite for a whole different experience – the kind you might enjoy when you can actually afford your own private jet and fill it with amenities just enough for a couple of lucky guests!

This Boeing 727 was originally used to transport people from South Africa to Columbia. It was salvaged and repurposed into a 2-bedroom suite to make a very unique home.

The fuselage is a long hall like interior with the small windows still in place providing views to the ocean and beautiful gardens in Costa Rica.

The airplane was bought for $2,000 in San Jose, moved for $4,000, and completely renovated for $24,000.

Rates for The Costa Verde Hotel’s 727 Fuselage Suite is $350 per night up to April 30 and drops down to $300 from May to November.

Enjoy an evening on the terrace while sipping a glass of wine and observing your tree top neighbors: sloths, toucans, monkeys and more.


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