Check Out This Awesome Tiny Home Built By a Bad-Ass Single Mom!

If you are considering building a tiny home but aren’t quite sure of your steps then this story will be inspirational! Kelly Lewis is a single mother of three; determined to achieve the dreams she had in mind for her family. The video features her story and the tiny house she built herself with the help of some friends.

Lewis is now a part of the “tiny house movement”; a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in.

There is currently no set definition of what constitutes as a tiny house, however, a residential structure under 500 square feet is generally accepted to be a tiny home. The message behind the movement is for us to be more conscious about how we live. This includes the purchasing and consumption decisions that we make and also includes even deeper things like making goals for our lives and getting rid of unnecessary baggage.

The following are the advantages of joining the tiny house movement:

1. Spend less time cleaning.
2. Maintaining a tiny home is easier compared to a regular sized house.
3. Easy to find my stuff every day.
4. Cheaper bills.
5. Reduced use of materials and energy – better for the environment.
6. Less clutter.
7. Mortgage-free life means years more of actual living instead of slaving away to pay the bank!

Kelly had no prior experience in carpentry and taught herself using video tutorials on YouTube; learning how to install insulation, how to make a wood burning stove and even how to build a composting toilet in the bathroom! She also tries to be as green as possible in the process and nearly everything she’s built has come from recycled materials.

Ok, here’s the video:


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